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For current prices on all our products and services, please call us at (501) 362-2008. Our office hours are 7a.m. - 4:30p.m., Monday - Friday.

Please scroll down to learn more about our selection of quality concrete products, including our septic tanks, storm cellars and stepping/sidewalk stones. We also offer a wide range of pipes and fittings with our tanks to complete your septic system, pumps and accessories for more complex systems, and products to maintain your system after installation.

Additionally, we carry both concrete sand and masonry sand, as well as several varieties of gravel. We also carry ADS culvert in multiple sizes, and we offer delivery on any of our products.

Septic Tank List

225 gallon pump tank w/riser
500 gallon lowboy
500 gallon pump tank w/riser
1000 gallon tank
1000 gallon tank w/risers
1000 gallon lowboy
1000 gallon lowboy w/risers
1250 gallon combo tank
1250 gallon tank
1250 gallon tank w/risers
1250 gallon pump tank w/risers
1500 gallon tank
1500 gallon tank w/risers
1500 gallon pump tank w/risers
1500 gallon grease trap w/risers
300 gallon plastic pump tank
1050 gallon plastic tank
1250 gallon plastic tank

Sand & Gravel

We carry sand and several varieties of gravel, sold by the cubic yard. Our customers can pick up any of these products themselves, or we are happy to provide on-site delivery.

Sand (Concrete or Masonry)
1/2" chips
Pea Gravel
Brown River Rock
Concrete Gravel

Storm Cellars

We take our customers' safety seriously. That's why our storm cellars are manufactured better and stronger than FEMA standards require. Our cellar lids, floors and walls contain a rich concrete mixture with special chemical additives, and are triple-reinforced with fibermesh, wire mesh and rebar. Our cellar doors are triple-hinge, triple-lock doors made from heavy 10-gauge steel.

Our walk-in cellars feature an easy-access design with a wide-frame door allowing convenient entry to the elderly, infirm and disabled. Our two walk-in models are wheelchair accessible.

The in-ground model is our newest design. We assemble this two-piece model on your prepared site. Unlike the walk-in model, the in-ground design is placed into an excavated hole, which requires an interior stairway entrance. The 10-gauge steel door is equipped with gas shocks for easy use. A wind turbine over the ventilation hole in the roof provides increased air flow.

Zoeller Pumps & Accessories

For septic systems in need of an effluent pump, we carry the Zoeller line of pumps and related accessories.

BN53 w/switch pump
BN140 1HP auto effluent pump
BN151 1/3 hp Auto Effluent Pump
BN152 4/10 hp Auto Effluent Pump
BN153 1/2 hp Effluent Pump
BN163 1/2 hp Effluent Pump
BE188- 1 1/2 hp Effluent Pump
BN266 2" Waste Mate 1/2 hp
BE293 2" Waste Mate 1 hp
BE294 2" Waste Mate 1.5 hp

1" ball valve
1-14" ball valve
1-1/2" sch 40 ball valve
1-1/2" combo ck. valve
1-1/2" glue check
1-1/2" pvc gate valve sch 80
2" Sch 40 ball Valve
2" combo- ck. valve
2" compression fitting
2" pvc gate valve sch 80
2" Orifice Shields
7" plastic valve box
Switch float 13 amp
Switch float 15 amp
230v switch float 15 amp
Indoor Alarm 300
Indoor/Outdoor Alarm 500
Outdoor Alarm 100 w/pedestal
Spider Valve 4 out
Spider Valve 6 out
Spider Valve 8 out
Spider Valve 10 out
Junction Plug Box
Riser grommet 1-1/2"
Outlet baffle filter
36" x 36" fiberglas vault w/antifloatation
1/2 hp sump package BN266
5040-0002 Step Filter w/N152 1/3 hp
5040-0014 Step Filter w/N142 1hp

Lenzyme Powder

Lenzyme Powder is an environmentally safe chemical additive that helps digest waste when added to a septic system on a monthly basis, keeping the system healthy and properly functioning.

One box contains 12 pre-measured packets, which is one year's worth of applications. Every packet is air-tight and water-proof for product protection.

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